I am not, as the definition goes, a nice person. I don’t like many people, and actively dislike most of them. I am extremely blunt, but somehow people don’t believe me when I say mean things — they seem to think I’m joking. This results in my being stuck in the company of people I don’t really want to be with, and is perhaps the answer to the question my mother has been asking since my childhood: “How in life you have so many friends, is beyond me”.

This blog has no point. That is why I could not choose a category and it is now shamefully “uncategorized”. I have opinions on everything (will definitely try to stay out of politics and religion) and just usually state them. So I hope you enjoy reading (and if you don’t, all the same). In either case, thanks for stopping by.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Lucía

    Querida Ana, tu descripción de ti misma es como si fuera la mía… ¡Me encanta!
    A mí también me desagrada la mayoría de la gente y todo ese desagrado se convierte en agrado en lo que se refiere a los animales no humanos.
    ¡Un beso desde Madrid y queriendo compartir sólo con poquita gente y agradable (como tú ; )!

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